With a highly specialized team in the tax department, we provide assistance geared towards preventing litigation (tax advisory services), furnishing legal guidance, and in the area of tax planning with a view to preserving the interests of the clients in light of Brazil's complex tax system, so as to mitigate risk and optimize the tax burden.

We work in administrative and judicial proceedings in the field of tax (tax litigation), focusing on strategic issues. Our services are personalized, and we develop procedural strategies in accordance with the client's profile and the particular aspects of the lawsuit. All cases are conducted with the utmost attention to detail, and strategic representation at all instances.

We assist national and international companies, as well as family businesses and private citizens relative to all subjects of a tax nature, both in conduct guidance, and in representation in lawsuits or administrative proceedings.

Our operating scope comprises:

• Guidance on tax aspects of certain taxable events and/or corporate operations;

• Tax planning and drafting of legal written opinions;

• Legal opinion on application and interpretation of tax rules;

• Representation before the courts and administrative bodies in all spheres and instances;

• Planning and drafting of procedural strategies,

• Guiding conduct in the field of tax,

• Incisive and in-depth Court work, by drafting written briefs, hearings with judges/justices and presenting oral arguments.