Widely recognized for the work in the field of litigation, for over 30 yeas our firm has been handling highly complex and strategic issues, supporting clients from various sectors in litigation related to the most diverse subjects, including corporate and business issues, environmental, administrative, contractual, real estate, banking, as well as those related to public law, family and succession law, agribusiness and all other matters covered by the vast realm of civil law.

Focusing on customized services and with a keen eye for the particular aspects of each client and each litigation case, our team is highly specialized in the area and has an in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian business environment, assisting domestic and international clients in all procedural phases, including strategic representation at all instances.

In light of our experience in some of the country's biggest and most complex litigation and recognized outstanding work before the Courts of Law and Higher Courts, we are also often asked to partner up with other law firms to perform specific work before the courts.

Our operating scope comprises:

  • Planning and execution of procedural strategies;
  • Legal opinion on application and interpretation of Brazilian laws;
  • Representation before the courts and administrative agencies in all spheres and instances; 
  • Negotiating alternatives to solve the controversy;

ncisive and in-depth Court work, by drafting written briefs, hearings with judges/justices and presenting oral arguments.