Having participated in many sophisticated arbitration disputes, our firm represents national and foreign clients in complex proceedings before the country's various Arbitration Chambers. With a team comprised of highly qualified professionals in various sectors, we operate in the most varied subjects: corporate issues, cooperativism, farming, construction industry, contracts in general, and others.

Considering the particular aspects of each case and of each client, our work stands out by its coordinated and incisive action from the pre-arbitration phase – including preparatory measures and precautionary protective orders before the Judiciary – up to the conclusion of procedures, with the ratification of the arbitral award.

Our operating scope comprises:

  • Drafting arbitration clauses;
  • Planning and execution of procedural strategies;
  • Major experience in hearings, creatively presenting the issues involved;
  • Written opinions, declarations and statements on the applicability of Brazilian law;  
  • Ratification and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards before Brazilian courts;
  • Actions to vacate arbitration awards.