Consultancy, Dispute Prevention, Strategic Labor Litigation


Specialist in individual and collective labor rights, chiefly in the defense of business interest, she has experience in litigation and consulting (preventive). Her work focuses on cases heard by Regional and Higher Labor Courts and also represents our clients in judicial and administrative proceedings before the Ministry of Public Labor Prosecution and the Ministry of Labor. In the ambit of trade union relations, she pays special attention to collective negotiations, entering into collective labor agreements or arrangements. She works before the Ministry of Labor geared towards preventing notices of violation, sitting on round tables, drafting defense pleas, administrative appeals and even filing annulment actions and writs of mandamus.


Graduate of Law at the University of Ribeirão Preto (UNAERP)

Lato Sensu Post-Graduate Degree in Labor Law and Labor Procedure at Franca University (UNIFRAN)


Portuguese and English

Brazilian Bar Association (OAB)

OAB/SP: 189.454